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Vehicle key pouch DRIVER

Vehicle key pouch DRIVER

RFID vehicle key pouch for car keys with CRYPTALLOY RFID
blocking material. Key safe. Genuine leather. High-quality
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RFID car key protection pouch (keyless).


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Target group

RFID protection pouch for all vehicle owners with smart car keys (keyless) for all common car types

With electronic car keys car keepers not only open and start their cars mechanically, but also electronically.
Keep your car key in this key pouch in order to protect data saved on the RFID chip of your car key from illegal and unauthorized attacks.
The RFID blocking pouch prevents also from Relay Station Attack (RSA) attacks to your key data.


The car key pouch with award winning RFID blocking material CRYPTALLOY ensures that only you (and entitled persons) get into and drives your car.


RFID protection pouch for keyless vehicle keys and keyfobs with

  • 1 key compartment
  • 1 keyring on leather strap: 3 cm diameter
  • 1 snap closure.




Leather (fine, soft, genuine leather, traditionally tanned)
RFID blocking material CRYPTALLOY as layer between leather and lining.
Lining: coated fabric CRYPTALLOY TEX.

RFID blocking material:

Shield attenuation material: CRYPTALLOY. This film is incorporated as a layer between leather and lining.
Shielding of the radio signal through double combination screen attenuation
CRYPTALLOY prevents RFID chips sending their data erratically to RFID readers in its surrounding. It stops RFID tags of car keys from sending data to RFID readers and smartphones.

It also prevents from Relay Station Attack (RSA) attacks to your car key data.


Approved by TÜV Germany.

Country of origin:

Engineered in Germany.



125 mm x 80 mm.


0.030 kg.






Vehicle keys (keyless):

Car keys of all common vehicle types with keyless feature.
Electronic keys, smart keys), proximity keys, key fob.

RFID frequencies:

Whole frequency range/bands: 125 kHz / 134 kHz / 13.56 MHz / 433 MHz / 868 MHz / 800-950 MHz / 2.54 GHz / 4 GHz.


Your RFID car key is in stealth mode.
The keyless smart key doesn't emit any data of your key data.


Protection against unauthorized access to the closed state.
After removal of the smart access key from the case, all functions are immediately available.

Certificate TÜV

Material tested and certified by TÜV Germany. Proof of evidence on request.
www.rfid-off.com / www.cryptalloy.net


Outsmart illegal RFID readers. Scientifically proved. High performance material.

  1. ASTM D-4935-10: frequency range 20 kHz - 4 GHz. Test report by institute for high frequency, microwave and radar engineering at German Armed Forces University (www. unibw.de / etti; Prof. Dipl. Ing. P. Pauli).
  2. TÜV approved:
    CRYPTALLOY has been certified by TÜV (Germany): Standard certification according to MILSTD-285 / NSA65-6 / IEEE299/EN50147-1z.
    TÜV 51211A.


Fits to vehicle keys of all common car types.


Highly effective shield attenuation of the radio signal through double combination damping.
It prevents from

  • car theft
  • unauthorized opening of your vehicle and withdrawal of valuables
  • cloning of vehicle keys


Insert your keyless vehicle key in the RFID protection pouch.

  • The data stored in the RFID chip won’t be changed or destroyed.
  • CRYPTALLOY just stops the radio transmission without deactivating the RFID chip. It keeps the RFID tag silent (and hidden), as if it were off.

 For use remove the key from the pouch compartment.







Unrivaled in the industry:
EPIGUARD trusts without any exception in the cutting edge RFID blocking material from CRYPTALLOY, a market leader in RFID shielding for contactless smart cards, car keys and electronic passports.


For more informations:
www.rfid-off.com / www.cryptalloy.net.


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