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1 RFID passport protection sleeve + 2 NFC card sleeves SET

1 RFID passport protection sleeve + 2 NFC card sleeves SET

1 RFID passport sleeve + 2 NFC card protection sleeves with CRYPTALLOY RFID blocking material
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1 RFID passport sleeve for electronic passports with RFID chip.
2 NFC card RFID blocking sleeves.




Screen attenuation material:

RFID blocking film: CRYPTALLOY.

  • RFID chip stealth mode technology.
  • This material blocks RFID signals for all RFID frequency ranges and bands. 
  • RFID chip stealth mode technology for RFID protection.
  • Tested and certified by TÜV (Germany).


Card with contactless chips (smart cards) and contact chips. 85.60 x 53.98 mm; 0.76 mm.

Cards: ISO/IEC 7810 - norm in format ISO 7816 ID-1 and ISO-IEC 14443.


Electronic passports of Switzerland (Swiss e-passport 06, e-passeports 10), passports EU, USA, China, Japan, Russia, India, Australia, UAE, Africa, Asia and all biometric, electronic passports with format 125mm x 92mm / 130mm x 94mm (format B7) with contactless RFID-chip and antenna with frequency of 13.56 MHz (ISO/IEC 7810, ID-3 / ISO/IEC 14443; according to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

All electronic passports with RFID chip.


All RFID frequencies, for example 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz.

Frequency range/bands: 125 kHz / 134 kHz / 13.56 MHz / 433 MHz / 868 MHz / 800-950 MHz / 2.54 GHz / 4GHz.

Certificat TÜV:

Material approved by TÜV Germany.
Approval document on request.

www.rfid-off.com / www.cryptalloy.net

Scope of protection:

RFID chip stealth mode technology protects against, and so safeguarding you from:

  • theft of electronic data by illegal scans;
  • identity theft and abuse;
  • electronic pickpocketing;
  • payment fraud;
  • loss of credit;
  • unintentional transactions, accidental contactless payments and automatic debits;
  • simultaneous multiple payment transactions (multiple charging);
  • in case of no limited numbers of transactions;
  • card clashes (dense tag environment);
  • interferences during payment transactions (between several cards with RFID chip);
  • tracking;
  • unauthorized access to buildings and rooms (office, private, public);
  • damage of the EMV chip by electrostatic disturbances;
  • wear and soiling of the magnetic stripe;
  • prevention against contamination, soiling and wear;
  • exploiting potential vulnerabilities of encryption technologies, mechanisms and potential security leaks;
  • undetected RFID attacks.







Unrivaled in the industry:
EPIGUARD trusts without any exception in the cutting edge RFID blocking material from CRYPTALLOY, a market leader in RFID shielding for contactless smart cards, smart keys and electronic passports.


For more informations:

www.nfc-off.com / www.cryptalloy.net.


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