Vehicle keys and electronic keys

Radio keys and data theft via radio transmission

Vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorcycles can be opened and started not only mechanically but also electronically with electronic car keys (keyless go - / keyless entry - system).

radio car key (keyless) electronic vehicle key
Car key: radio key


The communication between car key and key occurs without contact, from a distance via radio transmission.

This keyless system is exposed to hacker attacks by radio transmission (RSA attack: Relay Station Attack). Radio keys can be read out through doors, walls, pockets, wallets, handbags.

Data thieves are trying to steal the data stored in the car key transponder by reading out the data contactlessly and from a distance via radio (RFID / NFC).

RFID hacker attack using RSA attacks

Vehicle owners often do not know how quickly and noiselessly their vehicle may be stolen.
No vehicle alarm is triggered, no vehicle window is broken, no radio key is lost, to open or steal the car. It is sufficient to read out the data of a car key (keyless system) from a distance via radio transmission. In split seconds the vehicle door is opened and the car is stolen.

How does a hacker attack succeed? How does an RSA attack works?

RSA attacks radio vehicle car keys
The participants: Car owner, data thief and vehicle thief



  • A data thief scouts a vehicle with keyless system.
  • The vehicle owner with the car key (radio key) becomes the target.
  • The data thief carries with him a portable radio transmitter with extended range (range extender).
  • He transmits the data to his accomplice, the car thief.
  • The car thief has a portable radio receiver and radio transmitter.
  • The vehicle thief receives the data and transmits the data to the vehicle (without having the vehicle key of the car owner).
  • The vehicle can be opened, started, moved and stolen without the car owner noticing this incident.
  • The vehicle owner has lost his vehicle, but still has his car key.

If the vehicle key is not stored in a key safe case with RFID blocking material, the vehicle is

  • unsecured against theft by means of range extension (RSA) with keyless / wireless systems and
  • at mercy of attacks of data and vehicle thieves.

Highest protection against data theft via radio transmission (key safe)

The car key pouch from EPIGUARD prevents data theft attacks via radio transmission (RFID, NFC) to your key data at a maximum level.
It provides highest protection against theft of vehicles with keyless / wireless systems by means of range extension (RSA)

How does this defense against such insidious attacks works?

  • The key case is designed to the latest and most powerful methods of radio key attacks.
  • The interior consists of two high-tech insulation materials with outstanding protective properties (a special film (metal alloy) CRYPTALLOY and a special textile CRYPTALLOY TEX).
  • By the action of the double combination damping maximum shielding of the radio signal is achieved.




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