CRYPTALLOY RFID blocking film

The RFID blocking material of the brand CRYPTALLOY is a high-tech special metal alloy. Made in Germany.

As a high performance material, CRYPTALLOY has specifically been developed for shielding  and screen attenuation of electromagnetic radio frequency waves of RFID transponders (radio chips).

CRYPTALLOY blocks all unwanted communication (radio transmission) between a RFID transponder and legal or unauthorized RFID readers immediately and highly effectively.

  1. It blocks RFID chips of smart cards and passports. It turns RFID chips into RFID stealth mode. Attempts by RFID readers to access data without contact, even over long distances, are specifically inhibited.
  2. In doing so, the RFID chip is neither deactivated nor destroyed, but is being isolated from its surrounding (hidden). The RFID tag becomes undetectable.
  3. Of course the data stored on the RFID chip are not changed.

RFID frequency range and bands:

CRYPTALLOY is a broadband shielding attenuation material for contactless cards (smart cards), smart keys and passport with RFID transponder. It so blocks all relevant RFID frequencies at a maximum level.

Contrary to other materials on the market it isn't limited to a certain frequency band or frequency range.

  • All RFID frequencies are coverd, for example 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz
  • Frequency range/bands: 125 kHz / 134 kHz / 13.56 MHz / 433 MHz / 868 MHz / 800-950 MHz / 2.54 GHz / 4 GHz.


CRYPTALLOY is first class, scientifically proved RFID blocking material of the manufacturer KRYPTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES.

The company is located in Germany and is the pioneer in RFID blocking technology and materials.

logo manufacturer KRYPTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES germany

RFID protection for all RFID frequencies and all cards, smart keys and passport with RFID transponder

Functional principle of the material

How does CRYPTALLOY RFID blocking technology work?

Attenuation and shielding are achieved on the one hand by a reflection of the electromagnetic fields through a combination of a high permeable metal alloy and aluminium, and on the other hand by the interference with the integrated circuit of the RFID / NFC chips. The resonant circuits of the RFID chips are prevented from oscillating  when surface contact or even just an approach takes place.

  1. Different to other materials it not only blocks radio transmission between a RFID reader and a RFID tag by means of reflection (attenuation).
  2. As an essential feature the CRYPTALLOY RFID blocking material interferes additionally with the integrated tank circuit of the RFID chips. This interference reflects a disturbance of the resonant circuit of the RFID/NFC chip.
  3. As a result, the electromagnetic energy of the RFID reader is interrupted, which is required to power the RFID transponder with energy.

CRYPTALLOY safeguards all types of RFID/NFC tags for the whole frequency range (full spectrum) and for all distances at a highest screen attenuation level.

It also protects the EMV chips of smart cards and of SIM cards of mobile phones from electrostatic damage.

Scientifically proven shielding performance

Certificate TÜV

Approved shielding attenuation. The RFID blocking material CRYPTALLOY has been certified by TÜV (SGS-TÜV SAARLAND FORSTER GMBH, Germany; EU-standard) for RFID shielding for all common frequencies (LF, HF, UHF) such as 125 kHz / 13.56 MHz / 800-950 MHz according to MILSTD-285 / NSA65-6 / IEEE299/EN50147-1z, i.e. for screen attenuation for RFID protection (TÜV certificate 51211A). It confirms and certifies the screen attenuation characteristics for RFID chips.

Certification proof: Certificate with TÜV-test on request.


logo tuev certificate

TÜV certificate 51211A. CRYPTALLOY. Made in Germany

Test report Prof. Dipl. Ing. P. Pauli (German Armed Forces University)

Measuring the shielding efficiency against electromagnetic waves from 20 kHz to 4 GHz. ASTM D-4935-10.
The test report confirms outstanding measures of shielding efficiency in all frequencies.

The screen attenuation of the material, i.e. the shielding efficiency has also been measured by the institute for high frequency, microwave and radar engineering at the Universität der Deutschen Bundeswehr München (German Armed Forces University; Section: RF and Microwaves, Radars; Germany; Testing conducted to test shielding efficiency against electromagnetic waves from, i.e. for frequencies 20 kHz, 100 kHz, 125/134 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 433 MHz, 866 MHz, 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 4 GHz (ASTM D-4935-10; US-standard; frequency range 20 kHz - 4 GHz) of CRYPTALLOY shielding foil.

According to the test report, "the tremendous shielding values are soon limiting the dynamic range of the measurement set-up."

This certificate attest scientifically provable the extraordinary shielding attenuation, tremendous shielding values and applies to for all relevant frequencies (LF, HF, UHF) of RFID/NFC chips and so for all smart cards and passports worldwide. Certification proof on request.

Laboratory tests at the manufacturer (Germany): Focus LF

Research, development and tests in the laboratory of the manufacturer KRYPTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES focuses in particular on low frequency band and range (LF) because highest shielding attenuation levels against high power RFID readers in LF means highest attenuation effectiveness for all RFID frequencies (LF, HF, UHF).

Conversely, tests and comparisons in the HF and UHF frequency bands and ranges only don't guarantee highest shielding attenuation levels at all frequency ranges and bands against high power RFID readers. From a research perspective those tests don't really allow conclusions for shielding attenuation against high power RFID readers.

The tests of the manufacturer follow the principles of experimental research, test and measurement setup and meets the standards of scientific research.


Spectrum analyzer curve 125 kHz (laboratory of the manufacturer KRYPTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES)

Aluminium or metal coated fabrics instead of CRYPTALLOY?   

CRYPTALLOY guarantees in comparison to regular metal foils, coatings and fabrics a maximum degree of attenuation at minimal wall thickness, unlike these materials here:

Aluminium, aluminium composite film, non wovens or paper coated with aluminium or metal coated fabrics coated with cobalt, zinc or copper or zinc/nickel or copper/nickel or a double layer conductive silver/copper/nickel material or metal threads interwoven in fabrics or yarns (fibre spun with a metal thread, woven fabric) or RF EMI/EMF shielding materials often aren't secure; from an engineering perspective and taking professional equipment also used by data thieves and criminals. These materials don't always fulfill its purpose properly.

They often combine a restriction to a specific frequency band and frequency range with low level shielding attenuation. In tests those materials still transmit a part of the electromagnetic radiation (residual signal not measurable anymore).

By comparison, CRYPTALLOY is a broadband RFID blocking material with no restrictions covering all frequency bands and ranges (LF, HF, UHF) with high level screen attenuation.


shielding attenuation CRYPTALLOY material comparison

Comparison of aluminium, metal coated fabrics and CRYPTALLOY RFID blocking film (13.56 MHz)

(The formula of decibel is: dB = 10*log (P1/P2) (logarithm to the base 10 of the ratio of two powers); losses of signal levels have negative values).

Nevertheless there are still manufacturers on the market using low tech, outnumbered RFID blocking material instead of CRYPTALLOY and, even worse, often pretending that their products guarantee RFID protection.


Many manufacturers don’t inform their customers about the material used. All too often technical information about the material is missing. Customers have to trust the informations and allegations of the manufacturers. Even when RFID protection is printed on the label of their products, a RFID protection isn’t always guaranteed

No labeling tricks.
CRYPTALLOY has nothing to hide. It is no secret, nameless interlayer. On the contrary, it offers complete transparency with regard to its background, its technical characteristics, specification and attenuation efficiency and effectiveness.

For additional information about the cutting edge RFID blocking technology, please click on the link to the website:

Only with regard to manufacturing process and components, the manufacturer of CRYPTALLOY is concealed. Therefore, the material is not patented.

CRYPTALLOY is advanced German engineering. The safety standard worldwide.

Unrivaled in the industry: From a market leader in RFID shielding for contactless smart cards and electronic passports.


The film is shown to be free of hazardous substances or heavy metals (RoHS 2002/95 / EC).
For ecological reasons, a discharge in a disposal site or metal recycling center for recycling of raw materials is recommended.


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