Fast contactless payment at the check out, authentication, identification and border crossing without long waiting times.
The benefits of RFID/NFC for you as a traveller and shopper are numerous and undoubted, so are its risks (drawbacks):

  • theft of electronic data by illegal scans (RFID scanning, RFID skimming);
  • identity theft and abuse;
  • electronic pickpocketing;
  • payment fraud;
  • loss of credit;
  • unintentional transactions, accidental contactless payments, automatic debits;
  • simultaneous multiple payment transactions (multiple charging);
  • in case of no limited numbers of transactions within a predefined time period;
  • card clashes (dense tag environment);
  • interferences during payment transactions (several cards);
  • tracking;
  • unauthorized access to buildings and rooms (office, private);
  • damage of the EMV chip by electrostatics disturbances;
  • exploiting potential vulnerabilities of encryption technologies and potential security leaks;
  • undetected attacks.

Although RFID provides shoppers and travellers with the convenience they usually want, there is definitely a compromise with respect to security.

Attacks on digital privacy

Information stored on RFID chips can be lifted, skimmed and scanned by anyone with simple RFID technology.

Data thieves and fraudsters require only an RFID reader or smartphone app.

  • Basically, all (legal and illegal) RFID Readers can spy on and tap data from cards and passports and exploit security leaks.
  • RFID readers are easily commercially available at a low price.
  • Even cheap RFID scanner are able to initiate data radio transmission in order to read out data of passports and cards.
  • RFID blocking is important because of the drawbacks of RFID technology. All (legal and illegal) RFID readers could potentially read the data on cards and passports.
  • For mobile smartphones even apps are available which tap into the radio transmissions and read out the data on your passport and smart cards.

Either the eavesdropped and scanned (skimmed) data are used directly at the checkout, or for online shopping purchases or they are used to make illegal digital copies or clones.

Therefore your personal data and financial informations are at risk.

Watch out for attacks against your (unfortunately too chatty) RFID/NFC chips and so your digital privacy.

  • sniffing;
  • spoofing and replay;
  • man-in-the-middle;
  • cloning and emulation;
  • denial of service;
  • jammer system;
  • blocker tags;
  • RFID zapper;
  • tracking;
  • relay attacks;
  • RFID malware.

Attacks happen silently and unnoticed, even over long distances. Reading out the storage region of the RFID tag, i.e. the data of smart cards and passports works through clothes, luggage, daypacks, handbags, sports bags, suitcases, travel accessories or wallets, without any problems and within seconds.

Until you notice the data theft, at worst a damage has already occured.

Because RFID readers and smartphones are commercially available at little cost, there is a danger that data on RFID chips is eavesdropped and skimmed, i.e. scanned illegally from a distance of up to several meters; this may occur without your consent at the airport, the gas station, the checkout in the supermarket or retail store, in the waiting room, the train, the elevator, the bus, the trolley car / tram, the hotel, in the restaurant or at other (busy) locations.

RFID protection through RFID chip stealth mode technology

No technology is 100% secure. Even the most secure technology does not guarantee that data leaks and mishaps occur and encryption mechanisms are not yet deciphered, i.e. cracked.

CRYPTALLOY protects from these risks and attacks related with RFID technology. It prevents from reaching the data of your RFID enabled smart cards, smart keys and passports. With cutting edge RFID blocking technology from CRYPTALLOY digital crimes belong to the past. This is ensured by the RFID chip stealth mode technology.

You ensure your data sovereignty.
Potential security leaks no longer endanger your digital privacy.

With CRYPTALLOY you will never notice if you had used the material because of eavesdropping or not; but definitely you will have noticed it without the RFID blocking film, at the latest when damage occurs.


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